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The KZN South  Coast, or Hibiscus Coast as it is known, remains a hugely popular destination for family beach holidays. Hibberdene, Port Shepstone, Shelly Beach, Margate, Southbroom and Port Edward form the belt of this coastal ‘Dream Holiday Destination’. In addition to this, avid  golfers have  also  nicknamed this area the “golf coast” due to the  abundance of top class golf  courses on  offer.

Fishing and diving are  high on  the list of outdoor activities. Among  the many reefs; seasoned scuba-divers will  find  just the right mix of challenge and reward.  There is no bigger reward in this part of the world than the showstopper  ‘The Greatest Shoal on Earth‘; which occurs every year between June and July. This name aptly describes the spectacular herding of  thousands of dolphins, sharks, seals and game fish; feeding on a million strong sardine shoal. Arrive a day after July and you will miss the show! Should spectacular feeding frenzies not entice you; then why not while away your days soaking up the subtropical sun, at one of the many beautiful beaches that adorn this stretch of coast.

This is a quality vacation that deserves the title of  most popular destination for family beach holidays.


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